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Becky's Fitness

8 Fenbridge, Great Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 5AD

Get fit, have fun!

Willingham & Cambourne, Cambridge

Standing order for all Fitness classes

On-line classes are held via my VIP page for only £20 a month - all classes are live and then saved to the page so you can do them anytime!

Payment system - I am currently not holding classes in halls - only on-line.

Drop-in option at £8.

All standing order payments can be used at any class during the week. So if you usually come on a Monday but find you cannot attend that week you can always come along to another day.

Standing Order system for classes other than Fitness Pilates from as follows:

Classes will run for 39 weeks of the year (school term) – holiday classes will be an extra. (If you know a Monday is the only day you can book for please let me know so I can adjust the monthly payment to take into account bank holidays)

  1. £17.88 per month for 1 class per week
  2. £34.12 per month for 2 classes per week
  3. £48.75 per month for 3 classes per week
  4. Sort code: 089300 A/C No: 13017022 Mrs R C Feaviour please reference your name.
  5. Set up for a minimum of 12 months – if you decide to cancel before the 12 months is up there may be a small charge to make up any shortfall in class charges.
  6. Bookings can be used at any class each week
  7. If I have to cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances then please try to attend another class.
  8. Please drop me a quick email once you have set up a standing order.
  9. I understand sometimes it is unavoidable to miss a class but please make it up at another class. For example if you usually come once a week but miss that week you can always come twice the following week. Holiday classes are an extra and not a way of using missed classes.
  10. If you have holiday classes on your card (for example to cover bank holidays) these can be used up at any time.
  11. If you feel you only want to commit to 1 class a week you can always attend more and pay £8. 

Fitness Pilates payment

Fitness Pilates – NEW standing order £21.12 per month for 1 class per week or £39 per month for 2 classes per week. Classes will run for 39 weeks as above